Film, Concept, Art Direction

Agency: GTB
Executive Creative Director: Vico Benevides
Associate Creative Director: Rodrigo Strozenberg
Art direction: Dago Lenhart, Leandro Bechara, Lincoln Grosso (Concept, Art assistance)
Copywrite: Alexandre Giampaoli, Rafael Hessel

This project was a huge learning for me. It started with a hot house process where we were invited to collaborate with people from Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. After a week of work, we created several concept lines around the briefing. It was amazing to see other teams creative processes and the type of ideas that came up along the brainstorm. With the concept aproved, it was time to work hard to get the best out of it.

It was a pleasure to assist my teamates in the chase of the sharpest art direction and impact for the costumers and of course, the client. 
The results of this adventure, you see below.

The online banners delivered a message based on the subject of the website they were displayed on (Sport, Food, Tech, Movies, Music and so on).